Learning/Consultation  |  Adult DBT Basic Skills  |  Adult DBT Graduate   |  Adolescent Basic Skills Learning/Consultation Group DBT Maine is pleased to announce an offering for providers who would like to be part of a learning/consultation group meeting once a month beginning in September 2012. We have planned a format that will offer advanced learning for the first 1/3 of the 90 minute meeting, with consultation to the providers for the final 2/3 of the time spent together. The meetings will be facilitated by one or more of DBT Maine’s intensively trained therapists. All of these clinicians have numerous years of conducting individual DBT therapy, leading DBT skills groups, and providing training to other professionals. Please feel free to call DBT Maine at (207) 541-9404 and ask to speak with Jennifer Yahr for the details. If you'd like to enhance your knowledge of DBT, increase your skills as DBT therapist, and belong to a group where you can receive consultation for your clients/patients, we'd be pleased to have you participate. Adult DBT Basic Skills Group The Adult DBT Basic Skills Group teaches the skills necessary to regulate emotions when emotionally dys-regulated; be effective in relationships when one has had a history of relationships in frequent chaos or of avoiding being emotionally close with others. This group also teaches the tools to tolerate emotional distress when a situation cannot be changed and how to tolerate the setting without creating further harm to one’s self, one’s goals, or one’s relationship with others. The skills at the core of DBT are the Mindfulness skills which are taught throughout the approximate 26 weeks necessary to complete the entire course. DBTMaine strongly encourages any participant in the group also be in individual therapy, preferably with an intensively trained DBT therapist. The patient MUST be in individual therapy with a therapist who is well informed about DBT therapy and who is willing to be his/her “coach” throughout the time that he/she is in the group. For further information or to schedule an intake, please contact Jennifer Germaine Yahr, APRN, CS, JD at 207 541-9404 or by email: jgyahr@maine.rr.com. Adult DBT Graduate Group This DBT group is designed for the individual who has completed at least one round of the DBT Skills group and is looking to further generalize the concepts and practices of DBT into his/her life. Participants should be familiar with all of the DBT skills, trying to utilize them in their daily life and no longer be struggling with active suicidal or self harming behaviors. The group will provide ongoing instruction in DBT concepts/practices, role playing and active discussion of the participants current treatment targets. This group is facilitated by Jennifer Germaine Yahr, APRN, CS, JD. Please contact Jennifer at 207-541-9404 for further information. Adolescent Basic Skills Group This on going group meets weekly over a four-month period (16 weeks), and teens can join at the beginning of any new module. The group is designed for adolescents who are struggling significantly with managing strong emotions, impulsive behaviors and relationships with others. We emphasize the bio-social model, thus each session is attended by the teen and his/her parent or primary adult figure during the weekly 90 minute sessions. There are 5 primary treatment modules that comprise our basic DBT skills group for Adolescents: Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotion Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness and The Middle Path. The Middle Path combines the 4 primary treatment modules and demonstrates how to balance them in one’s daily life. For more information, please contact Jennifer Germaine Yahr APRN, CS, JD at 207-541-5404.